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Apocalypse Design Meetups

We’ve run book clubs, game nights, and ideation workshops on the theme Apocalypse, and now, we’re preparing to realise your ideas of an apocalyptic world with Apocalypse Design Meetups!

Earlier this month, in the ideation workshops you (our wonderful community) sifted through ideas, thoughts, fantasies, and big brainstorming to round out four solid ideas for an apocalyptic world (and an Edge take-over in December).

  • Silence: When do we lose a sense of time?
  • Artificial Intelligence: The A.I. Judge.
  • Collapse of technology: How would you react in a crisis?
  • Kafka-esque world: A bureaucracy maze.

With these four ideas on the table, it’s now time to decide which one/s you pursue and realise. (We’re also discussing and expanding on these ideas in our Facebook Group – come and join in on the conversation!)


Join us for the Apocalyptic Design Meetups in September and October. Come to one, some, or all of them!

  • Sunday 24 Sep: 12-2pm
  • Sunday 8 October: 12-4pm
  • Sunday 15 October: 12-4pm
  • Monday 23 October: 6-9pm
  • Sunday 29 October: 12-4pm

Tell us your coming, RSVP here!



One Last Apocalypse

The Edge Game Nights

On Monday nights in the month of August we’ll be playing games at The Edge! But, these nights won’t be your average board game nights – we’ll be throwing an Apocalyptic spin on the traditional gaming experience and mixing in role playing, map drawing, and a live, immersive experience facilitated by a Brisbane performance artist. 


Monday 7 August

To kick it all off we will be playing a game called The Quiet Year – a community map drawing game that requires you to make challenging decisions for your community. Last week the programming team played The Quiet Year and it was so much fun (at times I was so immersed in the game I felt personally invested in the community we were building). The game really got us all exploring and testing each other. Mick made some bold moves that had us all picking up contempt tokens (Yes! They are real, physical tokens). And I also made some decisions that had Peter picking up tokens in contempt! It is a super fun tabletop game.



Monday 14 August

The next game on the list is called Fiasco – an RPG with no GM. Cue Wikipedia’s definition: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fiasco_%28role-playing_game%29



Monday 21 August

Then we are in for a real treat with a live immersive experience from local performance maker Sarah Winter. She will be bringing a small part of her enchanting work to The Edge, just for you.  After we experience her work we will then have the opportunity to discuss and unpack that experience together!


There is no prerequisite to play each week. Come and join in for one game night, or all three, and maybe hang in there to see what comes of an apocalyptic climax at The Edge.

Looking forward to seeing you at The Edge,

Emma Che




One Last Apocalypse

Behind the scenes of One Last Apocalypse

This month, The Edge will commence a five-month community-led project that seeks to encourage engagement among community, explore big ideas, and create something really special. It’s called One Last Apocalypse.

One Last Apocalypse will be an ongoing dialogue around the theme of Apocalypse. But, this time around, we’re not talking about zombies and the end of the earth, we’re looking at the root meaning:

Wikipedia“an uncovering” – a disclosure of knowledge or revelation. In religious contexts it is usually a disclosure of something hidden, “a vision of heavenly secrets that can make sense of earthly realities”

Think Brave New World, All the Pretty Horses, Maus


How will this work, and what will happen?

We’ll begin with critical literacy. To start the program, The Edge will run a not-your-average book club exploring songs, a graphic novel, and film. You can read more about it here.

Jumping into the next phase we’ll examine games over a series of game nights. The purpose of this engagement is to develop an understanding of apocalyptic gaming, explore what is fun about that space and open up discussions around social literacy and critical thinking about a cultural artefact.

Then comes the unpacking of design elements and making of ideas. Participants will actively engage with design concepts through play, and will be empowered to generate their own designs in preparation for event and set design fabrication.

One Last Apocalypse will culminate in a takeover of The Edge, and an event/experience/showcase that everyone will be invited to attend.


Throughout the entire process, The Edge will be documenting each phase with the intention of sharing learnings and project documents, so anyone (you!) can develop and implement a large-scale (or scaled down) community project of their own.  



Further reading?

We’ve shared two blog posts on the One Last Apocalypse so far:

  1. Not another apocalypse…
  2. Not your average book club


Stay tuned and follow the evolution of the program on TwitterFacebook and The Edge e-newsletter.


Not your average book club

Book Club

The Edge hasn’t ventured into book-club territory before, but we thought it was about time that we did – with an Edge spin, of course!

The Edge book club will be more than turning pages. Over three Monday nights in the month of July (and one Wednesday in August!), we’ll discuss song lyrics, a well-known novel, an award-winning graphic novel, and a film, through the lens of Apocalypse.

But, that’s Apocalypse in the true sense of the word.

Wikipedia“an uncovering” – a disclosure of knowledge or revelation. In religious contexts it is usually a disclosure of something hidden, “a vision of heavenly secrets that can make sense of earthly realities”

Kicking off the limited-run series is the songs and lyrics book club, on Monday 10 July. There will be live music, recorded music, snacks, conversation and YOU!

Come and join in on the conversation! There is no pre-requisite to play until the end. Join us for one meetup, or all four, and see what comes of a community-led, apocalyptic showcase to be revealed later in the year.


BOOK CLUB 1: Song Lyrics

  • Monday 10 July
  • 6pm – 8pm
  • The Edge
  • Free, but tell us you’re coming!

Check out our Book Club Spotify playlist, and if you feel so inclined, create one and share it with us on Facebook


BOOK CLUB 2: Graphic Novel – Maus

  • Monday 17 July
  • 6pm – 8pm
  • The Edge
  • Free, but tell us you’re coming!

BOOK CLUB 3: All the Pretty Horses

  • Monday 24 July
  • 6pm – 8pm
  • The Edge
  • Free, but tell us you’re coming!

BOOK CLUB 4: Avengers

  • Wednesday 2 August
  • 6pm – 8.30pm
  • GOMA & The Edge
  • Tell us you’re coming!


A moment of revelation… 



Aartwork by Rachael Bartram

Flying Car


One Last Apocalypse

Not another apocalypse…

The Edge has been in the apocalypse business before. Back in 2011 (it doesn’t seem that long ago) as a part of the Festival of Ideas we delivered the Climate Zombie Apocalypse; a live-action zombie adventure game that took over the entire Edge building, turning the space into a wasteland of community volunteers in full zombie makeup, with desperate players trying to survive buckets of chocolate topping. 


To date, we’ve run three apocalypse events – all of them created for, with, and by our community – each bigger than the last, and squarely focused on learning in art, science, technology and event management. Back then, we called these events ‘apocalypses’, which was actually not entirely correct. Cue the (Wikipedia) definition:

An apocalypse (Ancient Greek: ἀποκάλυψις apokálypsis, from ἀπό and καλύπτω, literally meaning “an uncovering”) is a disclosure of knowledge or revelation. In religious contexts it is usually a disclosure of something hidden, “a vision of heavenly secrets that can make sense of earthly realities”. 

Post events, and six years on, The Edge is older, (maybe) wiser, and we can’t help but wonder… “what if we ventured into the apocalypse business again?”. But, this time around, reflecting on the root meaning of the word – an uncovering, a disclosure of knowledge or revelation.


We want to hear from you…

Join the conversation on Facebook, post a comment below, or email us at what.the(AT)edgeqld.org.au and tell us what the word ‘apocalypse’ means to you.



Thumbnail image credit // On The Edge II,  2015, Collage, Rachael Bartram

One Last Apocalypse

What’s your apocalypse plan?

Don’t we all know someone who has seriously considered a zombie apocalypse plan? (There’s definitely a few in The Edge office!) Clearly the recent throng of zombie films and movies are starting to get to some of us. And while we may laugh, the joke became less funny when it was found The Pentagon has a Zombie Apocalypse Plan. Perhaps The Walking Dead sparked something in Obama, or maybe top Pentagon staff had a good old movie night and someone decided to chuck on 28 Days Later. At any rate, there must be some underlying, realistic threat that saw a need for the plan.

A big kudos to Foreign Policy Magazine which discovered the plan, created “because zombies pose a threat to all non-zombie human life, [Strategic Command] will be prepared to preserve the sanctity of human life and conduct operations in support of any human population — including traditional adversaries.”

The document is known as CONOP 8888 and while it isn’t simply The Pentagon having a laugh, it isn’t entirely serious either and is actually being used as a training tool. The plan is a way to prepare Pentagon personal for other disasters and warfare situations. The plan involves various levels of threat; including the scenario that zombie-ism is easily transmissible with little human immunity. It also warns of “Chicken Zombies” where aged hens are incompletely euthanised and dig their way out of their graves. (FYI this apparently does happen!)

America isn’t the only country preparing for the zombie apocalypse, with Canada also talking of plans to induce a zombie apocalypse to force disaster and military workers into unprecedented situations and better prepare for natural and military disasters. The scenario has been shelved after criticism that it was, perhaps, a waste of government money. There was a very lively debate in Canadian parliament about whether to go ahead with an emergency plan (watch as the laughter from the House rises).

Will you survive the apocalypse?

Zombie Apocalypse

The Edge’s annual Zombie Apocalypse is back for a curtain call and it’s just dying for the company of night-crawlers like you.

Life as we know it is no longer. The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us; it’s humans vs. zombies in an alternate reality, 12-hour showdown.

From dusk til dawn the entire Edge building will be transformed into a battle stadium. The two teams, humans and zombies, will take their stations and the game will unfold. There will be missions, show downs, and very little sleep.

The whole game will be live streamed by dozens of cameras throughout the building. This will be an immersive experience like no other.

If you can drag yourself down to The Edge in Brisbane on 8-9 December, there are two ways to play:

As a human
Your challenge is to make it to dawn with your humanity intact. Along the way you will be called on to protect your team, test your metal against physical, technological and mental challenges, and above all, remember the rules. Rule One: Cardio. Rule Two: The Double Tap…

Only 12 humans will be successful in entering the game. They will be chosen for their bravery, their cunning and their knowledge of the enemy.

Think that sounds dead easy? Apply to play as a human.

As a zombie
Do you walk funny? Have you lost your ability to speak? Do you wander the earth at night seeking human flesh? It’s not easy being one of the un-dead; when living beings run away from you and your inner circle of friends is limited.

Fortunately, your night has come. The Zombie Apocalypse is reliant on creatures like you, the more, the scarier in fact.

Don’t let this opportunity eat at you, sign up to play as a zombie.