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Would you like to know where AUXILIARY X can take you as an industrial designer? Hear from AUXILIARY graduate + designer, Raymond Dunlop (and his award-winning design boss!), talk about what he learned and where it took him.

AUXILIARY X: Where are they now? from AUXILIARY on Vimeo.

“The thing that I loved the most about AUXILIARY was having that real interaction with the client”, says Ray, now an employee at Street + Garden in Brisbane’s West End, a studio of award-winning industrial designers who specialise in furniture design for public spaces. “Having to actually interact and talk with the clients, and meet real deadlines, it was awesome”.

Ray was a participant of AUXILIARY X Sunbeam Australia, AUXILIARY’s inaugural program which put nine emerging designers in front of Sunbeam’s design leadership team. As practicing designers, the AUXILIARY Directors know the skills and quality of work needed to pitch projects to a client of this magnitude. Industry-standard skills and knowledge were imparted over a rigorous 14 week program delivered in The Edge’s Fabrication Lab, which offers all the tools and technology necessary for a hands-on industrial design experience. The results of the inaugural X program spoke for themselves with three products retained by Sunbeam for further mass-production consideration, including one designed by Ray himself.

Auxiliary Design School

“From my personal point of view, [AUXILIARY] has been a success for me because I’ve been able to employ Raymond Dunlop, who is a graduate of AUXILIARY.” says David Shaw, Founder & Creative director of Street + Garden. “The skills Ray brings to us is an understanding of design, which has been enhanced through his time at AUXILIARY. There’s no question that he is a key part of the business now and a very valuable member of our team.”

Auxiliary Design School

Reflecting on his experience with AUXILIARY, Ray adds: “it was awesome to be able to be a university student, work on a project from concept to prototyping, present that in front of heads of design and marketing in a massive corporation, and then for them for turn around and say ‘look we liked your presentation and product so much that we would like to take this the next step further from just a concept to actually look at manufacturing it’”.

Applications are now open for AUXILIARY X BCF.

This program will educate emerging industrial designers through a design and engagement process with industry client BCF (Boating Camping Fishing).

The program runs October 2017 to March 2018, and is open to emerging designers and design professionals. To apply, visit www.auxdesignschool.com.au or send an email too contact@auxdesignschool.com.au with enquiries.


AUXILIARY X enables you to learn supplementary, sought-after knowledge and skills from experienced practitioners. Tackle a real design brief to meet strategic objectives of industry client BCF. Develop, prototype and pitch a product to industry standards for further commercial development consideration. Exhibit your work and enter design awards to engage with industry and promote young Australian design excellence.



AUXILIARY: call for applicants

Guest post by, Leon Fitzpatrick, Co-founder of AUXILIARY Design School


Auxiliary Co-Founder Leon Fitzpatrick

Auxiliary Co-founder, Leon Fitzpatrick

After returning home to Australia from studying and working the U.S., I met Neil Davidson, Carolyn Yip and Leo Yip through Brisbane’s larger-than-expected design community…

…It wasn’t long before our mutual passion for design education became regular conversations, which turned into meetings, and then into action…a design process in and of itself to address a big design problem: the growing gap between education and practical industry experience. As owners and operators of small businesses and consultancies, and as independent designers and design advocates with experience in everything from automotive, product and electronics design, starting an Industrial Design school from scratch seemed both completely crazy and totally logical at the same time. So naturally we didn’t hesitate.

As I write this, three students from our first AUXILIARY X programme, sponsored by Sunbeam Australia, have been selected as finalists in Good Design Australia’s Young Australian Design Awards, a national design competition with entries from the country’s top universities and colleges. It’s a huge honour for us and a fantastic achievement on their part to achieve this level of recognition.

Auxiliary Design School, in The Edge Innovation Lab

AUXILIARY Design School, in The Edge Innovation Lab

Auxiliary Design School, in The Edge Timber Fabrication Lab

AUXILIARY Design School, in The Edge Timber Fabrication Lab

We’re excited for what’s coming next, as today we officially announce a call for applicants for two upcoming programmes that will run at The Edge: AUXILIARY ONE and AUXILIARY PLUS.

AUXILIARY ONE will run from 28 June through 2 July. Open to high school students, AUXILIARY ONE is an introduction to Industrial Design that will have you experiencing what being an Industrial Designer is really like, covering all the tools and processes from concept to engineered reality.

AUXILIARY PLUS will run from 5 July to 13 August, and is open to creatives from all disciplines; current students, graduates and professionals. AUXILIARY PLUS teaches the fundamental foundations of Industrial Design: sketching, lo-fi prototyping and CAD. It will give you a great foundation or sharpen your existing skills.

Because AUXILIARY is about quality over quantity, we keep our class numbers small ensuring a great ratio between educator and student, which means spaces will fill up fast. Get in touch with us for expressions of interest and applications here: contact@auxdesignschool.com.au and visit auxdesignschool.com.au for more information about our programmes past and present.


Would you like to know more about Leon? Check out his story on the APDL blog.

New AUXILIARY programmes launching soon

AUXILIARY Design School is proud to announce two forthcoming programmes; AUXILIARY ONE and AUXILIARY PLUS.

Are you a high school student that’s interested in design, technology and innovation? Do you like to draw and build things? Then AUXILIARY ONE might be for you. A week long programme, AUXILIARY ONE, will give you an opportunity to explore what being an Industrial Designer is really like. You will experience the tools and processes of Industrial Design from sketching, model making, and CAD, all the way through to a functional product that you get to take home.



Are you a student or graduate of design who wants to strengthen their foundations, or are you a creative who has an interest in design? A six week programme, AUXILIARY PLUS teaches you the three pillars of Industrial Design; sketching, lo-fidelity model making and CAD. With site visits to local manufacturers, informative presentations, live demonstrations, sketching drills, and informal pin-up reviews, it’s a condensed and intensive dive into Industrial Design.

AUXILIARY PLUS from Auxiliary on Vimeo.

AUXILIARY ONE and AUXILIARY PLUS will be delivered in The Edge’s Innovation and Fabrication Labs, which provides students with all the tools and state-of-the-art equipment they needed to experience the world of Industrial Design first-hand.



Exact dates for both programmes will be announced soon.

If you have questions or you would like to register your interest please e-mail: contact@auxdesignschool.com.au


AUXILIARY wrap-up another successful programme

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Following on from a successful inaugural programme in 2015, AUXILIARY Design School recently wrapped up their first AUXILIARY PLUS programme, with a focus on the foundations of Industrial Design and core skill development.

The three pillars of sketching, lo-fidelity model making and CAD were delivered in The Edge’s Innovation and Fabrication Labs, providing students with the tools and equipment they needed to experience the world of Industrial Design first-hand.

Participants were not just students and graduates of design, they came from diverse backgrounds like computer programming, filmmaking and branding. Over the course of 6 weeks and 64 contact hours, AUXILIARY PLUS provided a rigorous, intense, but also fun and rewarding experience, with site visits to local manufacturers, informative presentations, plenty of live demonstrations, sketching drills, and informal pin-up reviews.


If you’re interested in learning industry-relevant skills from experienced practitioners, AUXILIARY PLUS is for you!

Stay tuned for announcements of AUXILIARY’s next round of programme offerings, coming soon.

To find out more about The Edge’s partner, AUXILIARY Design School, visit: auxdesignschool.com.au or check them out on Facebook and insta