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BrisMakerFest – What a day!

A few weeks ago we hosted the inaugural BrisMakerFest in partnership with Department of State Development. It was a Saturday all about making and maker culture in, industry, education, and community. There were 3D printers, drones and hackerspace, schools, teachers and genius students; all showcasing what is awesome and possible in Queensland. For me, BrisMakerFest highlighted that we are on par with the rest of the world, and ahead of some other states we look to for inspiration.

The building was buzzing all day with excitement, possibility, and maybes; three of our favorite things here at The Edge. Hundreds of people that had never thought of themselves as a part of the maker community now see things a little differently and that is the win we were looking for.

Of course, there was the announcement of the hackerspace grant program that will give Queensland Makerspaces the chance to better equip themselves and their offering to the community – $20,000 for a new space and $10,000 to expand what is already on offer in established space.

There are a lot of great reasons to think about what is possible out there in the broader community. If you think that might be you, drop by or drop us a line – we’re always more than happy to help.

Missed out on BrisMakerFest, or just want to reminisce? Check out some of the photos from BrisMakerFest in our Facebook album.


The Fabrication Lab is now open longer!

Your community access Makerspace and Fabrication Lab is now even better, offering extended opening hours.

The Fabrication Lab has seen a great uptake from the community over the past 18 months, and now in response to feedback and the high-use of some equipment, designers, crafters and hobbyist can access the makerspace after traditional business hours.

Commencing Tuesday 15 November, we will trial new operating hours in the basement, opening one extra day a week and extending hours out to 8pm.

What does this mean for you? More access to the equipment and space and more opportunity for you to cut, print, sew and make on the laser cutter, 3D printers, sewing machines and hand tools!

If you’ve completed your induction and there’s a project you’re working on, or you’ve got one in mind for Christmas (decorations or presents?), make sure you jump online and book a session, or drop in next Tuesday from midday. Tuesday’s will be a designated ‘drop in’ day – no online bookings, just drop in, add your name to the list, and wait for your 15 minute slot to cut or print.

If you haven’t visited our Fabrication Lab before and you’d like to know how to get involved, drop in while the Lab is open and chat to the staff, or come along to the free weekly meetup, Hack the Evening – Thursday’s and Saturday’s from 5.30pm.

Inductions on all the equipment (which is required before you can play), will be available in the New Year. If you’d like to stay up-to-date and find out when inductions open, sign-up for The Edge’s monthly eNewsletter, and watch out for the first issue in mid-January with a big list of courses, workshops and inductions.


New Fabrication Lab operating hours, from Tuesday 15 November:

Midday to 8pm: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.


Christmas Closure:

While The Edge will be open throughout the Christmas and New Year period (check the website for closures on public holidays), the Fabrication Lab will run on a different schedule. The Fabrication Lab will be closed from 8pm Saturday 17 December, reopening at midday on Tuesday 31 January 2017.


For more information, visit The Edge website, or call 0 7 3842 9400.

A STEAMpunk Wind-up LED

Earlier this year, The Edge was approached by Independent Schools Queensland to participate in a Makerspace Roadshow running across the State from April to September…

…and since the best way of learning is by doing, we developed a new workshop that not only encapsulates what we have learned about how to engage young people with informal STEM education, but also gives participants a take-home result complete with gears, hand–made electronics and a flashing LED.

STEAMpunk LED workshop

We set ourselves the challenge of producing a kit that requires no glue or soldering, includes the tools needed to put it together and uses less than $5 worth of materials, and judging from the delighted Twitter posts from participants we seem to have succeeded. The number of Year 3 teachers who have overcome their initial fear of unfamiliar technologies and finished the workshop proudly exclaiming ‘I can’t wait to show my husband/students/Principal what I did today!’ has been truly humbling.

Joule Thief

Luckily for educators across Queensland, the Makerspace Roadshow still has a few sessions to run, and enrolments are open through the ISQ website by following this link.

In the near future, The Edge will also be making instructions, design files and prepared kits available to schools and libraries through our resources and Workshop Plans page.


Would you like to know more about the LED wind-up and how it’s powered? Dr Peter Musk, The Edge’s Science Catalyst explains the power of the Joule Thief, in this blog post.



AUXILIARY is calling for applicants for AUXILIARY PLUS – a six week foundational Industrial Design course that teaches sketching, lo-fi prototyping and CAD. It is open to students, professionals and creatives wanting to supercharge their design skills.

AUXILIARY PLUS is also a preparatory primer for the client sponsored AUXILIARY X programme. Students from the inaugural AUXILIARY X programme recently won big in The Australian Good Design Awards’ Young Australian Design Awards category providing a shining representation of innovative Queensland design.

After almost 50 students entered and 9 finalists selected, the winners were announced at the Good Design Awards Gala Night in Sydney on May 27th. Three AUXILIARY finalists took away 3 awards on the night from the 5 available – an outstanding achievement considering competition from prestigious institutions such as UTS, UNSW and Monash.



Angelina Kwan’s Air-O Pan project won the Technology Award. Air-O Pan combines the cooking technologies of an induction fry pan, air fryer, wok, steamer and even a steam oven into one easy to use appliance.


Thomas Costello’s Botany project won the Sustainability Award. Botany is a vertical aeroponic garden designed to be a simple and attractive micro-farming solution for high density urban homes and apartments where home grown food is either inconvenient or impossible, which meets an ever growing current market trend.


David Chapman’s Essence  project won People’s Choice. Essence unlocks natural properties found in household plants; to preserve food and repel insects through air oxidisers and fragrances and even includes a self-watering system.


The 14 week AUXILIARY X programme where the above work was created saw students produce innovative and high resolution concepts for client Sunbeam Australia. Throughout the programme students were armed with the tactical, practical and strategic skills needed to meet the demands of a real world client, and the outcome speaks for itself. The entire design process behind each of these amazing projects was realised in The Edge’s Fabrication Lab, which provided all the necessary tools and resources under the one roof to enable the next generation of designers bring their ideas to life.

The deadline for AUXILIARY PLUS applications is Friday, June 24. Details of the forthcoming AUXILIARY X programme will be announced over the coming months.

For more information visit auxdesignschool.com.au or contact AUXILIARY at contact@auxdesignschool.com.au