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Well, I’ve done the official induction for Lab 3. This was run by Chris Neehaus who played a large part in setting up the studio and making it useable. While we where running through the ins and outs, Mick ushered in the folks from Shockwave Festival and asked Chris what he thought the studio was for.

Chris made a great point – Studio 3 provides a space where people who think they may want work in a “pro” studio can start to get an understanding of what that actually means to do this kind of work, before jumping off the edge and buying a bunch of gear of their own, or enrolling in a course of a degree – both of which can be costly affairs.

After all, how can you make a good decision about whether you want to work in a pro studio, if making that decision requires knowledge that can only be gained after you’ve used a pro studio?

Hopefully an induction and workshop or two at studio 3 at The Edge can give you a head start. Lab 3 is a fully functioning room with a hi-end Pro Tools HD system, in a space that can be accessed (once you’ve done the induction) 6 days a week. Ill be spending a fair bit of my time as a Catalyst in this space over the next few months, starting out with…….

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