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Alpha build complete


Phil and I have been working on our game, Mojo, for a couple of months now and we’re proud to announce that the first alpha build is complete. Although most of the core mechanics have been implemented, as well as a lot of the art, we’re keeping the testing in-house for now. Don’t worry though, as soon as we have the game in beta, we’ll make the it available to more people. If you want the chance to try it out, make sure to follow us on Facebook.

This is not the only news we’re revealing today however. Some of you may be aware that we’ve kept an important feature of our game secret, but after successfully testing it we’re excited to share it with you here. For those of you who’ve had suspicions, speculations or even visited the fortune teller, the wait is over! A player will be able to use the camera of an iOS device to scan barcodes which will magically transform into usable in-game items. We’re hoping to make it work on various Android devices too but for now, we’re sticking to iPhones and iPads.

When applying for the residency we knew that this was something we wanted to try out, the idea had been collecting dust in the form of a design document for over a year waiting to be made. The challenge was to adapt the idea so that we could apply the use of barcodes to a type of game we both enjoyed. Another challenge was to fit the scope of our game into the fairly tight timeframe of the residency, considering we are only a two person team.

We love the idea of letting players interact with the real world while playing the game and believe it adds an entertaining element to the gameplay. There have been very limited games that have used barcodes, especially the mobile markets so we’re really excited to see how people are going to respond.

So, the next time you go shopping and you’re bored, you can gather powerful ingredients for your witch doctor! Finished a can of soda? Just devoured your favorite chocolate? Scan the can or wrapping before you trash it and you’ll get some extra ingredients to use when you mix your next potions!

First Character Concepts

We’re heading straight for the first real phase of production where the previous milestone was all about concepts, preparations, planning and settling in. The last few weeks have gone better than expected and we’re currently ahead of schedule, something that will be beneficial in the coming milestone which is a “tad” ambitious. The plan has always been to get a playable build of the game out to a select few as soon as possible. The date we’re currently aiming for is the 24 January.

During the first month we experimented with the art in regards to style and screen layout. While getting inspiration from other successful games, we created our own style and have gotten well on our way to producing the placeholder art for the assets in the game. Once everything has a placeholder, the polishing phase will begin.

On the technical side of things much time has been put into planning and setting up the structure of the game. Looking at all the mechanics, features and systems we’re implementing it is important to have a slid grasp of how everything will work together. This will also make implementation of unforeseen features and adapting the project a lot easier.

We wanted to share something with you and thought it was a good idea to introduce our main character and what his deal is.

A Witch Doctor from a remote and mysterious island is forced to leave his home. Global warming has caused the ocean to swallow the island and he has no other choice than to move to the big city. Having to start over, he opens a store and continues doing what he does best; helping people solve their problems, be it a broken heart, a stomach ache or altering their future! With the aid of his trusty assistant he must work to once again become the pillar of the community.

Here’s a sneak peak of some of the concepts we experimented with in regards to The Doc. Visit our blog and vote for your favourite! We’ll also be posting more art and concepts on our blog as the project progresses.

We’re open for suggestions, questions and feedback at any time! If you happen to pass by and want to see what we’re up to, we’re usually at The Edge on Tuesdays!

Thanks for reading,