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ZICS // Same Stuff, Different Punks

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Fanzines aren’t news to anyone and have been an integral part of punk and hardcore subcultures since the early 80’s. They gave a platform to bands who’d not receive any media attention and proliferated a relatively closed off culture. Fast forward thirty years and fanzines are still being made, this time with greater accessibility.

Too Fat to Skate founder, Matt Lynch will be joined Olly from Sydney based zine-come-record-label Lost Boy and Luke Bell from Brisbane zine / website The Last of Our Kind / More Than Tape will speak on this panel.

This panel will cover physically printed fan zines stand within the modern punk and hardcore world, how to best utilize the resources available to create hone a consistent zine, and expanding from being a stand alone zine into something more.


Event details.

  • Sunday 21 August
  • 4pm – 5pm
  • Free, no bookings required
  • The Edge, Cultural Centre, South Bank


ZICS // Health, Creating and Me

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Being a creator is hard enough. When you have physical or mental health issues it adds an additional barrier to work through.

Matthew Nicholls, creator of Indie Comic Previews, publisher Boy In A box Productions and writer, will be joined by illustrator and zinester Philip Dearest and Laura (Bloomurder Zines) to discuss being a creator while dealing with their own health issues.


Event details.

  • Sunday 21 August
  • 3pm – 4pm
  • Free, no bookings required
  • The Edge, Cultural Centre, South Bank




ZICS // Quick ‘n’ Dirty: How To Make Minicomics

down and dirty mini comics workshop

Comics may seem like a huge time investment, but huge ‘n’ epic isn’t always best!

Petrie Press creator Alisha Jade takes the process of comics and demonstrates how to make a minicomic, fast and cheap!

Alisha has been making Minicomics for three years and combines an enthusiasm for structural experimentation with a love of storytelling. With minicomics ranging from sci-fi to queer heartfelt growth, cute to horrific, she believes you can do anything with minicomics, even on a limited schedule and budget.

You can see Alisha’s work at petriepress.com.


Event details.

  • Sunday 21 August
  • 2pm – 3pm
  • Free, no bookings required
  • The Edge, Cultural Centre, South Bank



ZICS // Earn a crust, punk!

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Earning a crust as a zinester, is it possible? Hosted by ZICS co-founder and Copier Jam! curator Jeremy Staples.

Staples has invited renowned Risograph printer and illustrator Ashley Ronning (MELB) , Gemma Flack a Melbourne based artist and stick and poke tattooist and prolific zinester, musician and activist Andy Paine.

Along with Staples, they will discuss the juggling act of earning a living as a zine creator, the struggles of creativity and being motivated while working and what will and won’t they do to survive. As well as covering how they actually earn a crust and survive!


Event details.

  • Sunday 21 August
  • 2pm – 3pm
  • Free, no bookings required – Facebook Event
  • The Edge, Cultural Centre, South Bank


ZICS // What are the Opportunities for the Modern Comic Strip Artist?

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A Panel discussion with Nat Karmichael (Oi Oi Oi! Publisher) moderating, with some world class professionals giving their opinions about the challenges facing the modern comic strip artist.

Taking part in the panel are: Gary (Swamp) Clark, Ian (Bushy Tales) Jones, Sean Leahy (COURIER MAIL political cartoonist and Beyond the Black Stump cartoonists), and Phil (Pet Therapy) Judd.

  • How have these professionals adapted to the changes in the industry?
  • How are declining newspaper sales impacting on the need for modern day cartoonists in this internet age?
  • Are cartoonists still relevant today?

Opportunity for the audience to ask questions of these professionals will be encouraged.


Event details.

  • Saturday 20 August
  • 4pm – 5pm
  • Panel Discussion
  • Free, no bookings required
  • The Edge, Cultural Centre, South Bank


ZICS // Brisbane Collage Club Workshop & Exhibition

Brisbane Collage Club

The guys from Brisbane Collage Club are back with their second group exhibition and workshop!

Come along and view their new digital and analogue works up close and personal. See the cuts, folds and other multi-media mediums they use to put it all together.

They will also be holding two workshops over the weekend so you are able to learn the tricks of the trade and start making some beautiful collages for yourself! Everything you need is supplied: cutting mats, blades, glue and a heap of magazines ready for cutting up!

Check them out on Facebook and Instagram!



ZICS // The Golden Stapler Award – Winners Announcement




Zine greenhorns gain power ups! Zine veterans gain vindication after years of being otherwise ignored.

The Golden Stapler Awards began in Adelaide’s Format zine shop six years ago as a means to give zine makers & their zines shiny trophies, the awards have since travelled to Melbourne & Newcastle, but perhaps always meant to find a home at ZICS! Yes, it’s an internet-voted popularity contest, but exclusive to the world of Australian indie publishing, what could possibly go wrong?



  • More info to come
  • Free, no bookings required
  • The Edge, Cultural Centre, South Bank



ZICS // Zine & Indie Comic Symposium

ZICS Poster

The Zine & Indie Comic Symposium is back for its fourth and biggest year!

The Zine and Independent Comic Symposium (ZICS) is a 3-day event to be held at The Edge from Friday 19 to Sunday 21 August.

Friday night and 2 day Fair, Workshops and Panels!

The full program will be out soon!


Zine & Indie Comic Symposium is back for its fourth and biggest year!

Image Credit: James Hornsby, Cult Carousal. On display at The Edge for the Zine and Indie Comic Symposium 


This coming Friday, 19th of August, the Zine and Indie Comic Symposium (ZICS) will return to The Edge for a three day celebration of independently published zines and comics.

The three-day long festival (now in it’s fourth year!) will kick off with a Pub Scrawl on the Friday evening at Green Beacon Brewing, Tenerife and will continue on with panel discussions, table fair and workshops at The Edge until 5pm on Sunday afternoon.

Matt LynchJust to back track a little, and give you all an idea who we are and what ZICS is all about, firstly let me introduce myself. My name’s Matt Lynch (on the left there) and it’s actually my first year doing work in this collective and it’s been nothing short of a grouse experience. ZICS is a collective comprised of local Brisbane zine and independent comic creators aiming to create a yearly community focused event celebrating everything that encapsulates self-published work.

The Symposium will run from 12pm – 5pm on both Saturday and Sunday and will feature a 50 table fair in The Edge’s Auditorium, panels hosted by ZICS members, and special outside guests such as Alisha Jade and Nat Karmichael. Workshops will be presented by the WendyBird on zine basics and, and the Golden Stapler awards will be announced on Saturday afternoon.

Once the event finishes up on the Saturday, we’ve organised a FREE AFTERPARTY GIG at New Globe Theatre in Fortitude Valley with The Flangipanis, Gravel Sandwidge, and 2 Chevron all bringing the party.


So, if you’re looking for something to do this weekend, come down to The Edge and check out Brisbane’s best gathering of artistic communities and get some hands-on experience in creating your own DIY product and get involved with the Symposium.



Bedroom Philosopher at ZICS

As part of the Zine and indie Comic Symposium on 31 August – 1 September, The Bedroom Philosopher will be coming to The Edge to present his only Brisbane show, as well as popping up as a guest panellist on Saturday as part of the ZICS program. As a warm-up, he had a chat to the ZICs crew about creating and becoming a sharehousehold name.

What do you create/do and why?
I write songs that have funny, thought provoking lyrics and cracking melodies, having grown up on a diet of Beatles, Beck and Bonzo Dog Band. I also write hard hitting gonzo-memoirs about my ridiculous sojourns up and down Australia’s eastern seaboard. I do this because I have to. It’s the only thing I’m really good at and the only thing that makes me truly happy. It also makes me truly broke and cynical but it’s a rich tapestry, y’know?

How and  where do you like to work and create?
I get a lot of writing done at my desk, in my dingy apartment in Thornbury. I’ve been known to pull out the guitar and sit in front of the laptop and piece together a song. Noodle noodle. Tap Tap. Write Write. Rehearse rehearse. Record Record. That sort of thing. I also make a lot of notes on my iphone app while on public transport. There are 700 at the moment. I find travelling stimulates the brain and fires up a different range of missiles from the lotto barrel of infinite dreams.

Why are you involved with ZICS and what do you hope to get out of ZICS?
My friend Vanessa Berry told me it was cool, so that was good enough for me. I have a lot of respect for the Zine community. I wanted to get in on that cool scene but the ladies at Sticky looked at me funny and went all quiet when I told them I had an e-zine. An EZINE! Trust some former bogan from Burnie to try that on. Anyway, the more I struggle and battle to forge a semi-career here and solidify my position as a sharehousehold name – the more affection I have for those toiling in near-obscurity. The comedy industry is commercially focussed and it’s all about getting on TV and stamping out the competition (the music scene is equally as competitive, in its own way) – but with small scenes like zines and comics, as my friend David Blumenstein says “there’s no industry to be competitive about.” Artists write zines and make 100 copies and give them out and they do this because they want to share and they want to give and they hope it might make a stranger sigh in a beautiful way and they might dream a little lighter at night. This is a wonderful thing – and it brings creativity back to its roots and gives it an integrity and an honesty that you lose when you’re counting up your Facebook fans and swearing into your breakfast.

What or who inspires you?
I’ve been writing a book about being an artist in Australia for the last year, so I’ve read a lot of interviews and spoken to a lot of artists. I get excited when I hear people say things like “do it no matter what” and “I might end up broke and dead and unknown but….what else are you going to do?” And people like Marina Abramovic and the documentary ‘The Artist Is Present.’ It reminds me that it’s okay to take your craft really seriously and to be prepared to die for it in a way – or if not physically die, then sacrifice things like financial stability and emotional comfort and, y’know – dignity! I’m 33 and I’m still getting Centrelink and perhaps on certain days I feel a sense of shame about that – but after hearing another artist talk about the importance of KEEPING GOING, I think ‘yeah f*** it, I’m doing it for my art, man – I’m living on the edge and I’m gripping onto the one thing that makes sense in my life.’

This is counter to the ideals we are brought up on in Australia like ‘never try’ and ‘low aspirations rock’ and ‘work a s*** job cos that’s what everyone else does.’ So for the past year I’ve been filling my artistic pot (which was pretty empty) with lots of good, wholesome sentiments and reminding myself of the eloquence of action and NOT GIVING UP no matter how overloaded the credit cards get, or how many 11pm drunks at that Hobart pub are haunting me in my dreams. I think most artists in Australia are just searching for respect – either from themselves or those around them – and it’s f***ing hard getting it from either. I’ve realised how important it is to respect myself and…look, I’ll say it….love myself. Being able to inspire yourself is a good thing. All right vegemite.

If your life was a zine or a comic what would it be called?
The surprisingly okay sexual adventures of a sensitive new start guy.

Catch The Bedroom Philosopher at the Friday night launch of the Zine and Indy Comic Symposium (30 Aug 6-11pm). Tickets $15 pre $20 at the door if remaining.