Terms and Conditions

The Edge is part of the State Library of Queensland, and visitors to the space and website are governed by the policies and standards that the State Library of Queensland has put in place.

Whether you would like to use our facilities, comment on our website, or attend our events or workshops, there are policies and standards that all customers to the State Library are asked to follow. We’ve included some of these links below, and some additional information that is specific to The Edge.

We’d also like you to note our service standard: Our Service Commitment 

At The Edge:

  • Public Access Computer Facilities Policy
  • Responsible Conduct Policy
  • Alcohol Policy
  • Booking Terms and Conditions
  • Food and Drink: Food and drink is allowed in all spaces, except the Recording Studio and Digital Media Lab where only bottled water is allowed. In the Fabrication Lab, food and drink is allowed but is not to be consumed near the machinery.
  • Bags: Customers are welcome to bring bags into all spaces at the Edge. The Edge does not have a cloak room or lockers, so customers remain responsible for all of their belongings at all times. A cloak room is provided at the main State Library building, and you can read about their policy for this here: SLQ Bag Policy
  • Age requirements: Most of our programs, workshops, spaces and facilities are suitable for participants aged 16 and over. Unless otherwise stated, customers aged 16 and over can attend inductions and workshops, and book and use facilities at The Edge. Please check individual booking information for exceptions.
    For customers 12-15 years, a parent/guardian consent form is required before applicants can book and use Edge facilities. Please download the consent form here and return to The Edge reception desk.
    To use the Fabrication Lab customers must be aged 18 years and older. Customers aged 16-17 years can complete inductions and access the tools only if they have parent/guardian permission. Relevant paperwork will be supplied during the induction.
  • Film and Photography: The Edge permits non-commercial film and photography, for example, small scale student photography, or filming for an amateur project in individually booked Window Bays which are subject to Booking Terms and Conditions.If your shoot requires a space other than Window Bays and/or of commercial/media nature, for example to promote a product, service, company, organisation, or individual, or conducted on a fee-basis, please contact our Venue Hire team: venuehire@edgeqld.org.au

The Edge online: