My Happiness

No, it’s not just a Powderfinger song, you clown. It’s also a short film competition that pairs six lucky entrants with experienced doco-making mentors, to create a film that will screen at the Ideas Festival in May 2011.

What is happiness? What makes people happy? Is happiness contagious or do you have to find it inside yourself? You can explore any element of the concept of happiness in your two-to-three minute entry film for the My Happiness Film Project. Use whatever equipment you can get your hands on – from your phone to professional gear. What’s most important is your vision.

Check out these guidelines for more details and FAST – entries close April 27.

A few friends of The Edge have already had a crack. VSO Katie reckons happiness runs in her family:

While Ben looks at music and freedom as ingredients for contentment:

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  1. Ray Bourne

    The Wightons are a reality TV show phenonomenon waiting to happen 🙂

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