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The crew from Ashcan are familiar faces around The Edge. Recently Zac Smith-Cameron, Alexis Sugden and Stuart McMillen sat down to tell us a little about a new crowdfunding campaign they have launch.

So who are you and what you do?

Zac: My name is Zac Smith-Cameron and through my label Ashcan Comics we’re publishing an Australian Manga called Iron Style which is going to be a set of different comic stories told in a manga style, with influences drawn from Japanese culture.

Alexis: I’m an 2d/3d animator who likes to draw and write. I love to use traditional media, but computers have taken over animation. So I like to spend my free time with things like ink, paint and pencils.

Stuart: I draw comics about science, society and ecological sustainability. My comics are the fruit of my interest in trying to understand the world around me.

Your comics all cover starkly different ground, which is in turn very different from the typical style people associate with comics. Why are comics the best way to tell the stories that you tell?

Zac: Comics are just a great medium to be involved in because you are only limited by your own ideas.

Alexis: A picture tells a thousand words. I love being able to use a single drawing to express a slew of emotions.

Stuart: Comics is a unique art form. On one hand, the graphics makes it easy for readers to visualise the images from the creator’s mind. Yet comics engages readers, by requiring them to ‘fill in the blanks’ between the panels.

Describe what you are proposing through your Pozible campaign.

Zac:  I’m looking pay the artists and writers that create content for Iron Style for the hard work they do.  It takes a lot of time and effort to put together comics after working all day and a lot of creators just starting out will work for free and undervalue their time.  Ashcan wants to combat that.

Alexis: My comic is complete; people can pre order it to recieve a copy. This funds the printing of the comic.

Stuart: I want to research, write and draw a comic on the infamous 1970s Rat Park drug experiments. A Rat Park comic will tell the other half of the story to my recent comic War on Drugs. This time, the story will be about the science of drug addiction.

What awesome rewards do you have on offer?

Zac: On the low-end we offer things like comics and prints, while on the high-end we offer things like custom art, T-shirts and block-mounted comic covers!

Alexis: A copy of the comic, in PDF or printed, a desktop background, art prints, commissions and sketches. And everyone who donates anything receives a small surprise.

Stuart: I have a range of cool rewards to cater for supporters of all budgets. They include everything from copies of my comics, to personalised postcards, greeting cards, t-shirts and posters of my artwork.

What is the traditional way for projects like this to be funded?

Zac: Through distribution to comic stores.  Based on sales and pre-existing funds artists and writers will be paid upon submitting their work, not after.  While this isn’t the conventional way to pay people for their work, we are doing what we can to show our appreciation.

Alexis: Through a publisher, but a lot of comics in Brisbane are self published. Pozible really helps to make this achieveable.

Stuart: Normally it would be a case of me fitting in the creation of a comic between other work. The project would slowly be completed during my spare time. Crowdfunding lets readers to help me make Rat Park a priority, allowing me dedicate myself to the project.

Why should people get behind your campaign?

Zac: Because the artists and writers who are putting their work in Iron Style are incredibly talented and by paying them we can keep them working in an industry that can be difficult to get into.

Alexis: You get awesome stuff while supporting local artists. And comics are great.

Stuart: Crowdfunding builds a great connection between readers and artists. Artists get a huge boost from knowing there are supportive readers out there. Readers get the satisfaction of helping fund an artistic project…plus they receive a parcel of cool merchandise

You can get behind each of these artists by supporting the campaigns they have launched:

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