We’re trying something new…

We’d like to introduce you to a new workshop series that is sure to please.

We’ll detail the concept below, but here are the 3 things you need to know now. It’s called TRYIT Workshops, and our first two offerings include: Zoomorphic Masks and LED Nite Kites!

TRYIT Workshops are all about trying something new, testing new skills and experimenting. Launching a workshop series like this allows us to be reactive to what’s happening around us; it gives us a platform to offer programs that you’ve told us you want, and with a short turn-around time. Each workshop will run for 2 hours and explore a different skill, plus you’ll always have something to take home with you at the end.*

To start the series, we have two very awesome workshops on offer: Zoomorphic Masks and LED Nite Kites, check them both out in the What’s On calendar. Spaces are limited and time is short, so grab a buddy to share this with and we’ll see you soon!

*While this is the plan we’ve set out with, there may be times that we’ll step outside this framework (shriek!) and offer something that’s a little bit longer or maybe at a different price – it’s all part of being reactive, right!? But, we’ll always specify this for each workshop, so don’t sweat it.

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